Who I am

  • Ignazio Tambè D.O. USA
  • Lecturer of Complementary Medicine at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
  • Lecturer of Biomedical Science - USA
  • Osteopathy – Physiotherapy
  • Applied Kinesiology

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My Mission

Ignazio Tambè D.O. USA was amongst the first to divulge George Goodheart’s method of Applied Kinesiology in Europe in 1989.

He has since then made a number of original contributions and modifications to the method facilitating both diagnosis and cure, and these are widely in use worldwide.

He was the first to integrate Visceral Kinesiology into Applied Kinesiology (Die Viszerale Manipulation in Rahmen der applied Kinesiology – Natur-Heilpraxis Mai 1993, Lehrbuch der AK- W. Gerz 1995 and 2003).

In 1995 he discovered Sternal dysfunctions and the influence of these within the Cranial-Sacral method (Tambè’s Cranio-sacro-sternal Method), the influence of the Sternum on the Cranio-Mandibular system, and in particular its influence on the Temporal-Mandibular joints.

He has further demonstrated how Sternal dysfunctions can have a negative influence on Osteo-muscular problems in a great number of cases, and also on Cardio-vascular and organic problems of a functional nature which had up until now found treatment only by pharmacological means.

In the same year his “chains of cause and consequence” were published in the above mentioned book by W. Gerz and included also in the 2003 edition. These illustrate how the smallest and sometimes apparently most insignificant dysfunction within the body can, in real time, influence structures, sometimes even distant ones, by setting in motion a series of adaptations. These must, in fact, be checked during the treatment and if necessary treated so as to avoid relapses.

Over the years Tambè’s discoveries have come to include those of reflex points both in the feet and teeth which in many cases have resulted in being able to do away with special soles (including ******* ones) or bytes, often prescribed to the patient for life.